Thursday Feb 07th, 2019


Here are a four easy-to-do enhancements that will boost the value of your home when you decide to move, and enhance your quality of life in the meantime. 
✓ Plant a tree: Nothing adds curb appeal like a well-placed tree. Compare home values of streets with and without trees and the correlation is clear. Further, trees and plants have been proven to help with de-stressing, as well as lowering A/C consumption by up to 40%. Plus, you’ll be doing your part in helping the environment.
 ✓ Kill the clutter: All of us, whether we live in a modest apartment or a multi-million home tend to accumulate stuff we don’t use or need. Dedicate a rainy Saturday to ditching these unwanted items ─ you’ll be amazed at how much fresher your space will feel. Plus, when you do make the decision to sell, you’ll have much less work to do to in getting your house show-ready.
 ✓ Update fixtures. Superficial upgrades are simple to do and make a world of difference, especially in an older home. Do you have a lovely old chandelier collecting dust? When was the last time you polished the brass door handle and knocker on your front door? Polish them, and let their true beauty shine. As well, adding new hardware to kitchen cupboards, for example, is a simple and relatively low-cost solution to jazz up any space.
 ✓ Improve your home’s air quality. No one likes a stuffy home. Have your upholstered furniture and carpeting steam cleaned regularly. You’d be surprised at the speed contaminants and allergens build up in every soft spot. This can cause odors you are not aware of, or worse, illnesses; especially for those with a compromised respiratory system. Rent a steam cleaner, or hire a cleaning company to tackle the tougher spots. Improving the air quality in your home will dramatically improve your quality of life, and the value of your home. So spend a bit of time beautifying your home. You owe it to yourself and your family to love the home you’re in, and to protect its value whether or not you’re selling. 
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